On your search for the perfect vacuum machine for your hardwood floor, the canister vacuum probably showed up as the best. But before you head out and make that purchase, you need to realize that for you to keep your floor sparkling, you will need a handheld vacuum in addition to the canister. Here are the reasons why you need both a canister and handheld for a hardwood floor home:

Variable Suction Power

As you have realized, hardwood floors require low to medium suction power. The catch is that you will need variable suction power, from cleaning the expansive floor with lines or grooves to small messes. A canister vacuum is handy in efficiently cleaning most of the floor. It has enough suction power to deal with dirt deep in lines and grooves. A handheld vacuum comes in handy when cleaning small messes or smaller areas where even a top rated canister vacuum is cumbersome.

Separate Floors

It gets challenging when you are vacuuming and you remember you have to deal with staircases too or a different floor area. It brings convenience to cleaning the stairs and other smaller surfaces. It is easy to carry around, being mostly powered by a battery. It makes your cleaning very easy as you don’t have to drag your canister vacuum all over to deal with all the surfaces.

Reason for Cleaning

Your cleaning purpose varies all the time. It may be general hardwood floor vacuuming where you need a canister vacuum. However, you will often just want to do spot cleaning and therefore, need something smaller, more portable, and that requires less effort. That is where the portable handheld cleaners come in, enabling you to carry out quick cleaning on that small part of the floor.

Suitability for Wood Floors

Did you know that both the canister and handheld vacuums are both designed for bare floors which include the wood floor? Their suction power is best suited for this kind of floor, sucking in dust and dirt and holding on to it to avoid spreading it around. They are less likely to disperse the dust and dirt before they absorb it. The modern day handheld vacuum cleaner is also designed to deliver the ultimate results with its suction on bare floors.


With the ability to change the head of the canister vacuum to suit your cleaning needs, the versatility of this machine is incredible. Combined with the flexibility of the handheld vacuums on hardwood surfaces, this duo makes the ultimate cleaning partners. They allow you to reach every corner of your home without struggling or getting that back pain because of bending. The ability to drag the canister body behind you provides for perfection in dealing with every inch of the floor.


It is therefore recommended that you get both the canister and a handheld unit if you really want your floors to flourish. They make cleaning a gratifying activity with the convenience, versatility, and efficiency that they offer. The handheld vacuum is reasonably affordable, and it won’t make a big difference on your final vacuum budget. All the best as you get your floor shining like it’s just been installed.