Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner

You should never wait until age catches up with your hardwood floor for you to get the right cleaner. Always remember that using a high quality cleaner retains the beauty of your floor and enhances its durability. There is no doubt that Orange Glo is a clear favorite among many homeowners because of its effectiveness against dirt and grease.

Naturally, the beauty of a hardwood floor will start to diminish after a few years. However, the rate of depreciation of your floor can slow down if you keep it clean with the Orange Glo cleaner. Many regular users have noticed that it restores the sheen of their floors if used properly as recommended.

Here are Some of the Outstanding Merits:

  • Leaves the floor with a lovely sheen.
  • Fills the house with a fresh orange scent.
  • Harmless to the floor and dries fast.
  • Does not leave ugly streaks or residue.
  • Made of wood preserving formula.

Tough Against Dirt and Grime

The growing preference for this hardwood cleaner derives from the fact that it is quite tough against dirt, grease, and grime. The manufacturers used a unique formula that targets the toughest of stains on your floor with remarkable efficiency. You will also notice that it easily loosens the grime on your floor to enhance its removal.

Cleaning the kitchen area requires particular attention to areas that are prone to grime and grease. The ordinary cleaning agents may not achieve much especially if the grime has accumulated over a long period. However, using this cleaner will take you less than half the time and effort you would require when using alternative solutions.


Apart from the advantage of cleaning dirt and grime, this special hardwood cleaner is very easy to use at home. The cleaning process only entails spraying and mopping. This means that you can use it as regularly as possible because it does not require elaborate preparations, or a combination with other substances.

For those who are planning to host some big party any time soon, consider including this cleaner on the list of the things you need on the material day. First, you may want to clean your floor with it before the guests arrive. When the party is over, it comes in handy once again to remove fat and food stains from the floor.

Keeps Your House Fresh

The overall appeal of your interior spaces should register to all the senses. Once you are through with the cleaning, your eyes should feast on the impressive sheen. Beyond that, your nose should pick the fresh orange scent, which lingers for a long time after the cleaning.

In fact, the scented quality makes it ideal for reclaiming musty houses or smelly houses after some thorough cleaning. The same quality has also enhanced its popularity among trendy and stylish homeowners who wish to enhance the freshness of their houses all the time.


Maintaining the elegance of hardwood flooring should go beyond vacuuming to include enhancing its shine and freshness. This special cleaner is perfectly formulated to deal with sticky grime and grease, fill your house with a lovely scent, and leave it with an amazing sheen. Besides that, it is also known for improving the durability of the floor.

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