Best Cleaner For Parquet Floor

Installing parquet wood flooring is one of the most beautiful changes you can make to enhance the style and design of any home and it is compatible with almost all décor styles.

Parquet floor

Parquet is very tough, capable of lasting for years and it is made up different pieces of wood arranged in various angle and designs.

Having this kind of flooring is certainly a big statement, but it does require special cleaning and polishing, and it needs to be sanded and resealed to restore its original shine.

Regular maintenance isn’t hard, but it does need to be done frequently to keep the floor looking attractive.

Do You Need a Professional?

Most of the cleaning and maintenance tasks that need to be performed on this type of floor can be done without involving a professional cleaner. Whether it is in your living, kitchen or installed throughout the house, here are a few tips to maintain it:

  • Use a hardwood vacuum and a sweeper to remove dust, crumbs and dirt.
  • Use curtains to block direct sunlight from reaching the floor since the UV radiation can fade the wood.
  • Wood floors tend to absorb moisture and since this can lead to warping, try keeping it dry by managing humidity in the room and wiping up spills immediately as they occur.
  • When needed, use water, a mop and commercial parquet cleaner to gently scrub the floor. Ensure that you use as little water as possible to minimize water damage and do not scrub too hard since this may scratch the floors. Only clean your floor this way when it is sealed.

Choosing The Best Cleaner

There are many cleaners specifically designed for use on parquet. Most cleaners are however, only available online. There are several choices – you can purchase a general wood floor cleaner that is designated as safe for parquet, but this won’t yield the best results.

It is best to choose a cleaner that is specifically formulated for use on parquet floors. These cleaners are mild but effective, which means that they won’t remove or damage any wax, varnish, wax or other parquet protective coatings used on the wood.

What’s more, there are cleaners designed to rejuvenate dull or old parquet. Use them on your floor to restore the shine and color while filling minor scratches.

Should you steam clean your parquet floor?

Steam cleaning is generally not recommended for this type of floor. While it uses very little moisture, keep in mind that one of the most important components of a parquet floor is the glue used to join the wooden pieces. Since the pieces are so thin and adhered together using so much glue, the heat could soften the glue causing the pieces to come loose.

Some things to keep in mind

Commercial parquet cleaning agents are formulated to enhance the wood flooring with additives and nutrients to keep wood looking new for ages. Despite this, it is best to use decorative rugs to protect entry ways and other high traffic areas. Only use Cleaners specifically designed for your floor since hard cleaners can damage the finish and take away some of the original shine.



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