Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Floor Cleaner

Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Floor Cleaner is sold in a 1.25L bottle with the retail price for each bottle set at $6.99. The cleaner is formulated for use on sealed laminate and hardwood floors. It is one of those cleaning solutions that pack a punch. You only have to apply it on the sticky sections of the floor and you will use very little effort to wipe away the loosened dirt. Its scent is Blossom Breeze.

The Pros

Home WIth Sealed Laminate Wood FlooringThis cleaning agent really gets dirty floors clean. You will be shocked at some of the stuff your mop will pick up without having to scrub or pre-treat the spots on the floor. The solution has a mild scent so you need not worry that it will overpower you while working. Using the product is super easy, since it will connect right onto any Wetjet mop. The bottle comes equipped with a spraying attachment in the event you need to deliver the floor cleaner directly onto your wood floor.

The cleaner is safe for use on many types of floors, including finished and sealed wood and laminate, stone, marble, ceramic, tile, linoleum and vinyl.

The cleaning solution is not sticky and as such, won’t leave any grimy residue on the floor as other mopping solution on the market do. In many cases, the solution lifts up dirt and grime in a single pass of the mop when you would have had to make 15 passes using other cleaning products – truly impressive cleaning power.

The Cons

Like everyone else, you probably want to keep your floor looking shiny for as long as possible. However, some wood floors end up with a matte finish after being cleaned by this agent a few times. The mop handle is also vulnerable to breakage so you have to be very careful when cleaning.

This product was not designed to be used on unsealed wood. It may even be a bad idea to use it laminate wood floors or sealed wood floors that have damaged surfaces. The spray has a fairly high output but while the pad does a pretty good job of absorbing the extra cleaner, it can still seep into large cracks and damage the wood from within.

Swiffer WetJet was not designed to pick up large particles of debris so sweeping is always necessary before you commence using it on any floor.


If you need an easy-to-use mopping tool that prevents you from having to wrestle with a wet mop head or a bucket, then this is the product you should invest in. The cleaning solution was designed o be used by the WetJet mopping system whose effortless all-in-one design makes it quick and easy to use. While disposable mopping pads are very convenient, you can get better results by attaching a micro-fiber mop pad onto the bottom. it will reveal the natural beauty of your wood floors and after use, it dries very fast leaving no hazing or streaking.

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